We combine five generations of skilled Italian craftsmanship, using the most modern machinery & technology to satisfy any difficult enquiry coming from the stone market.

Our factory has Sydney’s largest display on show, now from 28 to 34 Railway Street Lidcombe.

We pride ourselves on the best prices, quality, workmanship, & back up services within NSW.

Our Story

Late 1800’s

The beginning

Over 150 years ago, our great grandfather Mr. Francesco Bonserio, had a stone quarry in Italy close to his hometown of Giovinazzo Bari Italy. He would have his dozens of men picked up from the middle of the piazza, with horses & table top carriages, then brought to the quarry to work in the cold early mornings, after a long hard day he would bring them back to the piazza the same way, on his route back home.

Duties would include taking stone out of the ground (by hand tools), and carrying the stones on their shoulders, to the top of the huge quarry, loaded & delivered to their clients by horse & cart. The business was then handed to his son (our grandfather) Mr. Gaetano Bonserio who would run the business for many more years, who also had his son Francesco Bonserio work in the quarry gaining many years of experience in this trade.


After many good years of quarrying, the stone had slowed in selling, due to the gradual lower demand. It was then decided that Gaetano would try a new life, by coming to Australia, who would bring his son (our father) Mr. Francesco Bonserio.

They had found odd jobs to get by for a little while, until Mr. Francesco Bonserio had applied for a job with a well known company who was based in Alexandria, supplying monumental masons with their marble & granite. He worked there for many years, with the knowledge from his back ground in the stone industry, becoming foreman of many men.

Early 1900’s


Employing Skill

Being a very hard worker and dedicating his life to his craft and his family. He made lots of friends in & out of the monumental mason industry. Once the other suppliers/companies heard of his reputation and skills in the stone industries, he was then offered a better job as a foreman in Lidcombe with new company, selling to the monumental factories in NSW & other states.

Francesco known to all his friends as Frank would bring his father & father in law, and as many friends from his own home town in Italy with experience to work in this factory, the boss was very happy gaining all these experienced workers through Frank.


He had been approached by a fellow mason to start their own business with all their knowledge and experience in the monumental mason game. They had found a tiny old tin shed and started to sell monuments directly to the public, at number 34 Railway St, Lidcombe. Calling them SYDNEY STONE ART & ITALIAN MONUMENTS Pty Ltd.

From here the partnership was working well & both partners were happy for a while. Until, Frank decided to go alone.


Old Truck


Family Business

He purchased the rest of the business from his partner and introduced his wife Maria sons Gaetano, Nicola & Cosimo Bonserio, and daughter Cristina into the business, straight out of school.

The business then grew into one of NSW’s largest monumental mason companies, through the experience that Frank Bonserio had endured from his father & grandfather.

Legacy lives on

Frank Bonserio has now passed away on the 19th June 2003, He was a highly respected man & his passing will leave a long and lasting memory to all who knew him.

The business is now run by his sons & daughter who are the fourth generation monumental/stonemasons & hopefully will be continued by our children who have already started to work with us, who are also experienced in this trade which make them 5th generation masons.

Present Day